Canadian Films

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Canadian Film Essay

For the Canadian film unit we watched three films, The New Waterford Girl, The Boy in Blue and The Red Violin. In comparison to American Hollywood made films the Canadian films had some significant differences. These differences being the budget, and genre.

The first movie was The New Waterford Girl. This movie was a slice of life film showing the life of a teenage girl living in a very small Canadian town. Moodie is trying to escape from the life that she is currently living and move to New York City. When a new neighbor from New York moves to town she befriends her and comes up with a plan to get out of Waterford. I found the movie to be quite accurate in portraying the lifestyle of someone living an extremely small town. I did think the acting was a little cheesy in parts but over all it was pretty well done. I thought the film was rather depressing because you saw how trapped Moodie felt and I thought the lengths that she had to go to, to try and leave were just ridiculous yet very believable. I though the movie had a nice ending that made you feel like there was hope for the young girl.

The second film was The Boy in Blue. In this film there was a recognizable actor, Nicolas Cage. Although I am not the biggest fan of him it was nice to have someone you recognized in the film. I also enjoyed that Christopher Plumber was in the film. I found Nicolas Cage’s acting in this movie to be very cheesy and he didn’t make me like the character he was playing. I really enjoyed the scenery and the costumes in the movie; I thought they were well done considering they were on a small budget. I did notice that one shot of Nicolas Cage rowing was used more then once. I found this movie to be boring and Nicolas Cage’s acting bothered me so it was my least favorite out of the three movies.

The third movie was The Red Violin. This was my favorite movie out of the three. I found it very interesting and entertaining. I liked how there were many...
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