Education for All

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Education for all

“Education is such a ship that takes to the port of success”. If you climb this ship, you can easily cross the sea of troubles and difficulties and make your life meaningful. Good morning to one and all. Today on the occasion of world education day, I would like to express my views regarding the need to educate all. We all know India is the second most populated country of the world. Its huge population is considered as a liability rather than an asset. Making investments in the form of education can make this huge population a valuable asset. Yes friends it is education which makes our living meaningful! Hence it is very important to educate all the citizens of our country. Education facilities are very much present in urban areas. Most people in cities and towns send their children to schools. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan children under the age of 14 are provided free education. It is rural areas which require more attention. More schools and colleges need to be set up in the rural areas. Government should try to promote more awareness among the people about the importance of education and how it enlightens their lives. Above all, we as responsible and educated citizens of our country need to join hands and make efforts to educate our fellow countrymen and turn them into valuable assets, important for the nation’s progress. It is very for each one to realize that education is the tree which bears the fruits of success. So, EACH ONE TEACH ONE.
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