Entertainment and Seaside A Picnic

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“A Picnic at Seaside”
A picnic with friends is very enjoyable. Some of my friends decided to go on picnic at Clifton last Sunday. We hired a wagon and put in it all the necessary things that were needed there. We carried with us food, fruit and water in a large cooler. We set out early in the morning. The weather was very pleasant.

We reached Clifton at about 9 a.m. The site was very beautiful. Cool and refreshing breeze was blowing. First of all, we began to swim in cold water. After the bath we had tea with light refreshment. After that, some of us enjoyed camel-ride and horse-ride while others played at card and chess. It was now lunch time. Each of us had brought with us the best of dishes prepared at home. We all enjoyed our delicious lunch. Then we had an amusing program of songs and funny stories. Akbar entertained us with his songs. It was discovered that he was very good singer. After that some of us started playing football on the sandy shore. Some of my friends collected sea shells and colorful pebbles. Now it was evening. We had tea at 5 p.m. The last item of the picnic was a group photograph. We all than packed our stuff and were ready to go home.

Before leaving the seaside we also visited the aquarium and the play-land. There we saw many kinds of colorful fishes. The play-land was also worth seeing. It had even more people of all the ages with many entertainments for them. After enjoying every moment of the excursion to the seaside, we returned home happily.
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