Lord of the Flies Review

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Lord of the Flies, known far and wide as an amazing book. I agree, yes it is a good book, but it's not as great as it's been publicized. Here is my own personal review of Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

For me, the reading level is for on average, children in grade's 8 to 10. I myself read this is grade 5, out of pure interest, but that is me, I've been reading 300 page books for many many years now. But let's not talk about my reading level, and what I read, let's talk about Lord of the Flies.

Quite an interesting title, Lord of the Flies, apparently is another name for the devil, or Satan. A secondary character named Simon, talks to such a creature named, Lord of the Flies. Not so much a creature, but a sow's head on a stick, he talks to it. This creature tells him many things, saying he'll meet him "down there" a direct quote "This is ridiculous. You know perfectly well you'll only meet me down there – so don't try to escape!" (page 158) Now as I read this chapter of Simon talking to a sow's head on a stick, made me think he was on some sort of a drug, but being in the 1940's I highly doubted he would be. He was probably just stir-crazy from being alone.

On my account, I did enjoy Lord of the Flies, the vigorous detail sucked you in like a cyclone, and spun you around the pages, not dropping it until you fall asleep. The book while reading it, was like a movie going on through my head, I could picture the forests "creepers" and I could see the long sea. Although, the descriptions in the book made you see everything in your mind, some went a bit over-board. Some, almost put me to sleep, they were so long, and the just dragged on.

The book carried you through many emotions, shock, shrill, terror, happiness, sadness, anger, depression. Golding seemed to have a way to just take you by the hand, and swirl you around through the book, he made you believe you were a character, you were there. When the "beastie" was found to be real, he made you think...
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