The Situation and Solutions to Improve Business Efficiency of Bao Son Hotel.

Topics: Strategic management, Hotel, Management Pages: 36 (9933 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Currently Vietnam's tourism industry in general and business hotel sector in particular are well developed. In the eyes of international friends, Vietnam is a destination, safe, friendly in Asia - Pacific. Evidence is September - 2007, Vietnam shortlisted 20 tourist destinations are the most popular in the Journal survey of Conde Nast Traveller Travel, a travel magazine in the American prestige. Not only that, research firm RNCOS predicts Vietnam will also shortlisted 10 tourist attractions in the world in 2016.Since the transition to market economy and WTO accession, business tourism in our country has been more extensive changes, really exciting large scale, it has attracted all the components economic sectors in all levels, foreign participation in business investment in tourism, especially in hotels, motels. In addition to the ongoing development, n Ganh tourist hotels, cungdang facing opportunities and challenges no less difficult to anticipate the trends of the world's major regions and economies of Vietnam South offers, in competitive conditions so that may exist, survive and grow, the hotel business is no longer any other way is to improve economic efficiency.Since there are improved business efficiency can accrue to reproduce expand and strengthen competitive advantage from which the new settlement satisfactory conditions of economic interests between the state and enterprises and employees. Bao Son Hotel officially opened in 1995 under the company's investment services and travel Nghi Tam under the leadership of Board Chairman and CEO Nguyen Truong Son with a team of 240 professional employees. Bao Son Hotel accommodation is not just entertainment and it also is the location of the large and important event. So guests are khongngung Sanda and improve service quality to increase the efficiency of the hotel business to a worthy yoke not meet international standard hotel.Over 3 month internship at the hotel I would choose the theme: "The situation and solutions to improve business efficiency of Bao Son Hotel." 2. Research objectives, scope and responsibilities vunghien research. - Research objectives: research subjects are given a number of measures to improve economic efficiency for business hotels in Baoshan time. -Scope of research: analysis, to assess the actual business of Bao Son Hotel in the period from 2007 to 2010 -Research Methodology: information collection, analysis and data processing. 3. Content research

Includes three chapters:
- Chapter I: Overview of the hotel business and the role of raising the efficiency of hotel business - Chapter II: Status of business activities in Baoson Hotel -Chapter III: A number of measures to improve economic efficiency in the hotel business in Baoson.  

Chapter 1: Overview of hotel business and the role of raising the efficiency of hotel business

I /.Overview of the hotel business
1.1.The concept of hotel business.
The first appearance of the accommodation was first detected in countries slavery ancient East, meaning that the concept of hotel business was born very early.For the hotel business can be successful, internal research travel nature ng business concept is necessary with the aim of the foundation, is the basis for the organization of business operations, and promote effective Results in the management and coordination of activities of enterprises When the newly formed business hotels only be understood merely service needs of the overnight guests have paid. But with the development of the practical needs of market visitors as they saved a point for several days, the hotel business organization has conducted more business dining. Since then the concept appears more broadly in this area with content includes activities to meet the needs rest and food for guests. Human...
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